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2020: The year that hasn't even begun.

Hi! I'm Chelsea Brooks and I have a confession:

this is my very first blog post for myself & I'm about to share my dreams, my struggles and so much more with you all.

I hope you get something from my words and experiences.

If I've learned anything from all the craziness currently happening (March 2020/COVID-19), it's that communicating and keeping

relationships alive with the others is so important.

Family, friends, clients, other local small businesses, artists,

entrepreneurs, teachers & service industry workers:

We are all in this together, even when we are a part.


We as humans need one another and this pandemic has proven that.

We need love, caring, rest, support & so much more.

I don't want to get off subject and I do that quite a lot, just

ask my husband... I have 15 conversations in 1.

That's just who I am (enneagram 7).

I want to share some personal stuff and if you know me,

you know I'm raw, real & wear my heart on my sleeve.

So I'm about to get really REAL!

Like many other small businesses, 2020 hasn't shaped up to be what I planned

and hoped for due to the COVID-19 crisis and pandemic.

But even before all the craziness from that began,

I was in the midst of another struggle with my health and deciding if I can continue doing what I do in the salon... keep reading to find out

how 2019 ended & 2020 began for me:

Like many, I started the new year celebrating with our close friends at

a Roaring 20's themed party. Who knew what was in store in the coming months...

A few weeks before Christmas in 2019, I woke up and could barely use my

left hand & wrist... my right ankle have had the same undiagnosed issues since 2018.

The last 3 months have been filled with uncertainty, bouts of depression & anxiety

on top of countless doctors visits, x-rays, MRIs and blood work.

After months of ruling out "this & that",

we have an official diagnosis:

Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA)

PsA for the most part is an "invisible" autoimmune

disorder that can be completely debilitating & requires an injectable medication.

I've spent the last few years adjusting my daily work and personal life activities to reduce pain. In just the last few months, I have found answers & a bit of relief thanks

to medication on top of changes in my diet & daily habits.

I could have easily given up on my dreams & left the beauty industry for a

more traditional career, however, I'm choosing to turn lemons into

lemonade by shifting my focus and service offerings.


Until then, stay home, stay safe & stay healthy!​​

#supportlkld #lovelkld #lkldstrong

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