Rituals Salon + Shop


Bring sustainable products + brands to Lakeland.

Create a Filling Station for

home, personal + professional hair care.


Inspire others to be more intentional

in the way they shop + live.

Be a safe place for people to get

salon services + products without judgement.

Promote collaboration among

other entrepreneurs, artists + businesses.

Offer advance beauty techniques

+ services to salon guests.


Be place of growth + opportunity

for other professionals.

Meet Chelsea

Hi I’m so happy you're here!


Like many that were born + raised in Lakeland,

I ventured off for a few years to experience other places + when I returned home, I was longing for Lakeland to have more local shops + restaurants.


Since then, I have watched Lakeland’s evolution

+ it has has been so beautiful. To be a part of

its growth and evolution is even more exciting

and rewarding than I can even express.


Lakeland has always been my home and when I moved back in 2012, the plan was to put down

roots by starting a family + my own business.


Since being home, I’ve worked in many salons

and in 2018, found my forever salon home in

historic Dixieland – my favorite part of town.


After nearly two years of working independently inside Shay + Co. Salon, the women that have

been there for nearly 50 years are retiring

and I am taking over the space!


Opening Rituals Salon + Shop has been a

long awaited dream that I have been working

towards since I was a kid. I can’t wait to

share my space with you and show

you that the beauty industry can be

sustainable and responsible.

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