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Hi, I’m Chelsea!

A little bit about me…
- Homeschooling Mom - 
- Partner to Best Friend -
- Nature + Animal Lover -
- Sustainability Advocate -
- Feminist + LGBTQ+ Ally -
- Professional Cosmetologist -
- Your Guide to All Things Self Care -

Hi I’m so happy you're here!


Like many that were born + raised in Lakeland,

I ventured off for a few years to experience other

places + when I returned home, I was longing for

Lakeland to have more local shops + restaurants.

Since then, I have watched Lakeland’s evolution

+ it has has been so beautiful. To be a part 

of its growth is even more exciting and 

rewarding than I can even express.


Lakeland has always been my home and when

I moved back in 2012, the plan was to put down roots

by starting a family + my own business.

After a decade of working and educating for other

salons and brands, I turned my life-long dream of owning

a sustainable salon + spa vision to life in 2021+ will be launching professional education in late Spring 2023!

I’m combining all my passions together to share

with you all. Intentional living and self care practices that you can achieve in the salon, spa or you can DIY your self care with the guidance of a professional with over 13 years of professional beauty and wellness experience.

Whether you are looking to be pampered, know how

to pamper yourself or you are looking for more ways

to pamper your clients, I’m here to guide you.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Light + Love,

Chelsea Brooks

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