Rituals Salon + Shop

Salon Mission

Sharing and bringing sustainable products

+ brands to Lakeland and beyond.

Offer refillable home, personal

+ professional hair care.


Inspire others to be more intentional

in the way they shop + live.

Be a safe place for people to get

salon services + products without judgement.

Promote collaboration among

other entrepreneurs, artists + businesses.

Offer advanced beauty techniques

+ services to salon guests.


Be a place of growth, opportunity + collaboration

for other beauty professionals + entrepreneurs.

Meet Chelsea

Hi I’m so happy you're here!


Like many that were born + raised in Lakeland,

I ventured off for a few years to experience other places + when I returned home, I was longing for Lakeland to have more local shops + restaurants.


Since then, I have watched Lakeland’s evolution

+ it has has been so beautiful. To be a part

of its growth is even more exciting and

rewarding than I can even express.


Lakeland has always been my home and when I moved back in 2012, the plan was to put down

roots by starting a family + my own business.


Since being home, I’ve worked in many salons

and in 2018, found my forever salon home in

historic Dixieland – my favorite part of town.


After a decade of working and educating

for other salons and brands, I turned

my life-long dream of owning a

sustainable salon to life in 2021!

The salon is located in historic Dixieland of Lakeland, Florida. We share a building with Concord Coffee, the Balance Cultre, Art Centric, Viva Vitality and Good Thym is literally in our backyard. We regularly host events like the Buena Market full of unique art + food!

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